Keira Maguire is "glad" to be out of I'm A Celebrity, unleashing on "creep" Steve Price.

In case you missed it, Keira Maguire was eliminated from I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here! on Thursday night alongside model Kris Smith.

So how is she feeling now? “I am glad to be out,” she says.

Maguire, who shot to fame after her stint on last year’s The Bachelor, told the Kyle and Jackie O radio show that being in the jungle “wasn’t all hell” and she labelled fellow contestant and television journalist Steve Price a “creep”.

“We all know it was Steve that I didn’t get along with as well as the others,” Maguire said. “But it is what it is.”

Radio host Kyle Sandilands told Maguire about claims from fellow jungle-resident Tziporah Malkah that Price watched her naked in the shower.

“You might not know this, being in the bush, but … we saw Steve Price watching Tziporah shower nude,” Sandilands told Maguire.

“What! Are you serious? That’s disgusting. That’s so gross” Maguire said.

“Look I was showering nude but I actually wasn’t worried [about other people watching] – whatever, just embrace it, you’re in the jungle,” she continued.

Steve Price and Keira Maguire. Image via Channel 10.

When asked if she thought Price might have been watching her in the shower also, Maguire laughed.

"You guys are so funny," she said. "Could you imagine?"

She didn't stop there:

"Can I just say, I would literally just look around and he'd just be staring at me," Maguire said. "So I'm not surprised that he was doing that to Tziporah. It was like; 'why are you looking at me you creep?'"

Maguire also addressed the "chilli on the face" incident when she first entered the jungle.

"It was seriously the most horrific thing. And it wasn't just the chilli, it was everything that I had gone through from the time I went into the jungle," the reality TV star said.

Maguire was a late addition to the camp, and during her induction she had to complete the “Grim Gallery Tucker Trial”, which involves sticking your head into a perspex box filled with something... horrific.

"I was in rats, I was in spiders and snakes, and then the chilli," Maguire continued. "I had just had a treatment on my face - like a Fraxel laser - my skin was so sensitive. I didn't just get the chilli on my face - it was one of the hottest chillies in the world and it went in my eye, both of my eyes."

Whatever the real story, there's no doubt Maguire is please to be out of the jungle, and away from Price and the chillies. "It was not an ideal situation," she said.

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