The Bachelor's Keira Maguire just covered her entire face in blood in the name of beauty.

We all do weird and wonderful things in the name of looking good.

(Snail serum, anyone? How about a good old fashioned “sperm facial”? No..?)

Former Bachelor and I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here contestant Keira Maguire has shown off the latest ‘must-have’ beauty treatment, and it involves “harvesting blood from your own body”.


Lucky for us, 30-year-old Keira documented the whole process for us on her Instagram stories, starting with an image of her ‘harvested’ and centrifuged bodily fluid.

That looks...relaxing? Image via Instagram.

Then, the "concentrated platelets", taken from Keira's own blood, then gets applied to her face and "rubbed in".

Mmm, fresh blood...we mean, skin. Image via Instagram.

According to The MediSpa Clinic, run by Sydney plastic surgeon Dr Michael Zacharia where Keira went for the treatment, the Factor4 treatment enhances "fresh-faced, natural beauty", and can be used to treat wrinkles, dull skin, dark under-eye circles and even stretch marks.

Keira's 'vampire facial' in action. Image via Instagram.

The MediSpa Clinic website says that while the treatment itself only takes around one and a half hours, patients need to have blood taken (around 30-40ml) a day before, so the different components can separate and be filtered.

The bizarre beauty treatment is also known as the 'vampire facial', because well, it involves a lot of blood, and Keira isn't the only reality star whose shared her experience with her fans.

Kim Kardashian made headlines when she underwent the same procedure back in 2013.

Anything Kim can do, Keira can do better, right? Image via Instagram.

Despite looking painful, Keira joked with her followers that the treatment was far less painful than her memorable 'chilli challenge' on I'm A Celeb earlier this year.