Keira Maguire has some very harsh words for this year's Bachelor 'villain'.

One episode in to The Bachelor Season 5 and we already have our villain.

‘Tis Jen, she of the “putrid dress”.

The 27-year-old established her role right off the bat: “Do I intimidate you?” she asked a fellow contestant, “I should.”

Then she hammered it home: “I would definitely described Elizabeth as a bitch,” Jen told the camera, fiercely clutching her champagne. “I honestly hope she doesn’t get a rose.”

Like some kind of evil genius, she even tried to throw us off.

“I don’t want drama,” she said. “I’m not a drama-fuelled person,” she said.

Heck, she even pegged Elizabeth as “this year’s Keira”.

Which frankly is just offensive. To Keira.

The Season Four Bachelor star certainly seemed to think so.

“How’s the chick saying that someone else is me when they’re pinning her as the villain? What a delusional FREAK! What a freak!” she told her Instagram followers during last night’s episode.

Then… wait for it… there’s a catchphrase a comin’…


Whoomp! There it is.

Boy, have we missed you.


“I don’t even know if I’m going to watch tomorrow,” the Sydney woman continued. “I’ve got better things to do, I think.”


Us too.


Jen won’t be phased by Keira’s shade though. She’s the intimidating one, remember?

“I genuinely am not going to be affected by the backlash,” she told Confidential.

“I’m pretty switched on and pretty intelligent, so I do tend to back myself. It’s probably just that I have a brazen personality that’s really out there. For a lot of women who aren’t as confident, that can be very confronting.”

Missed tonight’s episode? Chill. The Twins have recapped it here.

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