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1. “I hope he is happy.” The Bachelor’s Keira Maguire wishes Jarrod Woodgate and his new GF nothing but the best, despite rumours.

It seems like The Bachelor’s Jarrod Woodgate is in a new relationship, and his ex-partner Keira Maguire is completely fine with that.

Jarrod, 32, is reportedly dating Sam Royce, 29, who competed on this year’s season of The Bachelor. Suspicions were raised that the pair were a couple after they appeared on each other’s Instagram accounts. This is basically first base amongst social media influencers.

The former reality TV contestants reportedly met in Bali in July and were spotted together in November at a charity sleep out to raise money and awareness for Mission Australia. Despite this, neither Jarrod nor Sam have officially confirmed that they’re dating.


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Not that Keira would care, either way.

Speaking to Daily Mail, the 33-year-old said that any rumours which state that they’re on anything but good terms are “absolutely rubbish”.

“All I would like to say. I didn’t know Jarrod had a girlfriend, but if he does I hope he is happy,” she said.

“I think Jarrod and Sam make a really cute couple if they are together.”

After splitting with Jarrod in August 2019, fans have since linked her to Alex Mckay who recently appeared on Angie Kent’s season of The Bachelorette.


The pair were recently spotted in Byron Bay, with both Alex and Keira sharing a photo of the same landmark from their respective Instagram accounts.

Damning evidence, indeed.

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2. Congratulations! Gogglebox’s Adam Densten is engaged to his partner of three years, Rachel Falconer.

A congratulations is in order for Gogglebox‘s Adam Densten and his now-fiance Rachel Falconer.

Adam, 28, and his co-conspirator, Symon Lovett might be moving on from Gogglebox, and it looks like Adam is switching TV for a wedding planning journal.

The former Gogglebox star announced his engagement to his partner of three years on Instagram, borrowing a line from Goldilocks and the Three Bears.

“1. This one was too big. 2. This one was too small. 3. This one was juuuust right,” he said alongside a series of three photos.

The first was of a doughnut (too big), the second of a Cheezel (too small), with the third a photo of Rachel with a diamond engagement ring which is from exclusive Melbourne jeweller, Keshett.


Although Rachel occasionally features on Adam’s Instagram, she keeps a low social media profile. Her Instagram is on private, and she’s never featured on the show.

Hopefully, we’ll still get a few snippets of their upcoming wedding. Maybe Symon could even recap it for us?

You know… for old time’s sake.

3. The Kardashians just filmed themselves impersonating each other as part of a ‘team-building activity’ and we’re not sure that’ll… help.

Well. They say no one knows you better than your siblings do.

In the season finale of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, the Kardashian-Jenners decided to impersonate each other during their last Wyoming dinner… which sounds like a totally normal thing to do. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

“My mum had this crazy idea for one last final team-building activity,” Kourtney Kardashian explained.

“She thought it’d be really funny to each come to dinner tonight dressed as a different family member.”


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During the episode, Kendall Jenner hilariously imitated her sister Kylie.

“Oh my god, it feels amazing on my skin,” Kendall said while applying a red Kylie liquid lipstick all over her lips and teeth. “It feels so f*cking good.”

“I love over-lining my lips, this is how it all started. Literally, I just over-lined my lips and everyone was wondering what I was using,” she added.

Kourtney also impersonated her sister Kim, playfully adding: “I pretty much started this entire family. No one would be anywhere or anything without me.”

You can watch more of the hilarious impersonations below:


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4. Yikes. Love Island’s Eoghan Murphy and Matthew Zukowski spent their Saturday night wrestling Survivor’s Matty Wahlberg.

In news we… weren’t expecting, it turns out Love Island’s Eoghan Murphy and Matthew Zukowski spent their Saturday night wrestling Survivor’s Matty Wahlberg.

Yes, you read that right.

The event, which took place at the South Eastern Entertainment Centre in Victoria, started off with some obviously rehearsed ~drama~ when Matty slapped Eoghan, who was standing outside the ring.


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In retaliation, the Love Island star punched Matty, leading him to drop to the ground.

After the incident, Love Island’s Matthew, who is a pro wrestler, joined the ring to fight Matty.

According to the Daily Mail, it appears the Love Island pair won the match… which makes sense considering it was two against one. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


You can watch a video of the fight right here.

5. From Geordie Shore to Survivor to MAFS: A look back at the reality TV shows that defined this decade.

In 2009, Aussies would sit down after dinner and switch on the TV, likely to watch a competition-based reality show.

MasterChef Australia was fresh on screen, it’s first season premiering in April 2009. We were five seasons into Australia’s Next Top Model, and Ajay Rochester still hosted The Biggest Loser Australia. There was also Australia’s Got Talent, then judged by Tom Burlinson, Dannii Minogue and Red Symons and the final season of Australian Idol.

That, or they’d have to switch to MTV or E! for their reality TV dose: Keeping Up With The Kardashians, The Hills and Jersey Shore were the top shows of the time.

And oh, how things have changed.

best reality TV Shows
We don't even know how 2020 could even come close to topping this.

As we prepare to leave the 2010s, it is clear this decade was the decade of reality TV.

At the beginning, the thought of watching strangers marry each other after meeting at the altar, or seeing celebrities perform in giant prawn costumes would’ve been absolutely wild. To be fair, they’re still wild concepts, but the difference is in 2019… we love wild.

To prove the point, we’ve rounded up the most influential reality TV shows of this decade, from Australia and beyond.

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