How The Bachelor influenced Keira's decision to get cosmetic surgery next month.

When Keira Maguire graced our screens as the ‘villain’ on The Bachelor, we all fell a little bit in love with the outspoken sales professional who had no problem announcing “I don’t like it,” when, indeed, she did not like it.

She was opinionated and self-assured, and when she was sent home, she proudly told the cameras: “I was too good for this situation.” We all decided we could use some of Keira’s confidence.

But it seems the 29-year-old’s stint on reality television affected her more than she let on.

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Keira has told WHO magazine that she is booked in for rhinoplasty next month, explaining that seeing herself on screen made her unhappy with her appearance.

“I’m booked in to get corrective surgery on my nose next month,” she told the magazine. “It will only be subtle.”

She’s having the procedure done in Double Bay in November, by a physician “highly recommended to me by a few of my close friends.”


She explained that the decision was brought on by her time on The Bachelor, sharing “when you see yourself on television you just notice things and you end up picking yourself apart so much.”

Keira says it won’t be her first cosmetic enhancement. She’s had lip fillers in the past, and had her eyebrows feather tattooed.

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Earlier this week, Keira shared a photo with a fellow reality television personality at the Double Bay surgery.

Big Brother star Skye Wheatley has publicly spoken about her “boob job nightmare” after she went to Thailand to get breast implants. They left her “devastated,” but the 22-year-old hasn’t let one bad experience deter her from more surgery. She’s reportedly paying $15,000 for a nose job with Dr Zacharia – the Double Bay surgeon Keira will attend.

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