All the signs suggesting Keira Maguire and Jarrod Woodgate are engaged (or, um, married).

While Australia is recovering from the breakup of Bachelor in Paradise’s Tara Pavlovic and Sam Cochrane, the torch of reality TV love has been passed onto another Bachie couple.

And now, fans believe Keira Maguire and Jarrod Woodgate are potentially married… Or at least engaged.

Since beginning their relationship in Paradise, it’s been smooth sailing for the couple, with Keira and Jarrod sharing lovey-dovey photo after photo and there are now signs that Jarrod has quite literally ‘put a ring on it’.

Has the evidence been hiding under our noses all of this time? You decide.

1. Keira’s tell-all choice of swimming attire.

Fans were thrown into a fluster when Keira posted a photo of herself in a swimsuit that read ‘Mrs Woodgate’ from the back.

Given the tropical setting – this was at the beginning of their holiday – people quickly leapt to the conclusion that they (of course) had eloped to Thailand to get married… or to get engaged… or for their honeymoon…

Or maybe for all three?

Mrs Woodgate!?!??? ???????????? @luxury.escapes

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2. They were seen in Thailand wearing ‘wedding bands’.

Pictures don’t lie and while they were on a recent holiday in Thailand, Keira posted an Instagram photo of the couple with one very important detail.


Standing in front of their love fern (more on that later), fans were quick to notice both Keira and Jarrod wearing a band on their fourth finger. Now on face value, we thought they were wearing wedding rings but then realised they were on their right hands and not their left.

Keira also immediately shut down the ‘wedding rumours’… but interestingly, didn’t say anything about being engaged. Hmmm…

Keira Maguire Jarrod Woodgate
Do you see it?? DO YOU SEE IT?! Image: Instagram @keiramaguire.
Keira Maguire Jarrod Woodgate
We're just very exciteable people. Image: Instagram @keiramaguire.

Furthermore, the significant piece of jewellery made another appearance in a later Instagram photo of the couple at dinner, which led us to believe that maybe they're wearing promise rings?

We've reached out to the couple to find out but have not yet had a response.

Our favourite local restaurant ???? ???? ????

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3. They have a love fern.


Given that Keira and Jarrod met on a tropical island, what is more symbolic of their love than the holy love fern?


Thanks to How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, we know a couple's commitment to a love fern is a pivotal step for any relationship, and foliage doesn't lie.

We're onto you.

We think Keira and Jarrod need to have 'the chat' with us and COME CLEAN WITH THEIR SECRET.

4. They wear matching outfits ALL of the time.

Possibly the most obvious rule to their enduring and marriage-worthy love is their uncanny ability to constantly appear in somewhat-matching outfits when they're in public.

A clear sign of their commitment, that they have now taken to the next level.



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Tonight with Bae ???? @jarrodwoodgate

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Back with my baby ... These sunnies though @skyeandlach_eyewear ????

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Weekends With Bae..... ???? I’m so Lucky ????

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5. We know his family loves her.

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After spending Christmas with the Woodgate family, it was clear Keira had their tick of approval.


"I met Jarrod’s family for the first time and they were so welcoming and beautiful to me, I may have shed a few tears of happiness," she wrote on her Instagram, sharing a photo from the day.

We also know from Jarrod that the vineyard owner's sister adores his new beau too.

"They'll just call her for a catch-up. My sister adores Keira," he told Woman's Day in April this year.

And the love is felt on Keira's side of the family too who said in the same article her 94-year-old nan has given Jarrod her blessings.

"Her opinion counts more than anything, and she told me she really likes him and not to let him go," she said.

"She's never said that about any of my boyfriends, so it was massive."


6. They live together already.

Thanks to Woman's Day we know Keira moved from Sydney to Victoria in April 2018 and they've been living together ever since. Her and Jarrod now spend their time between their Brighton home and Jarrod's Toms Cap Vineyard Retreat in the picturesque Central Gippsland area.

Therefore, surely an engagement, or marriage, is the next logical step for these lovebirds?


7. The ring.

Date Night ???????????? ????

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To top it all off, we definitely know the couple has already talked about their engagement and marriage plans for the future.

Speaking to Who in May of this year, the topic of engagement rings came up and Jarrod was prepared.

"[I] will need to start saving but I’ve got an idea of what ring she wants but sh*t [laughs], I’ll just need another job, I think," he said.

Now, considering it's generally said that the guy should spend two months of his salary on the cost of the engagement ring, AND the fact that it's been over two months since he spoke about saving for said ring... surely these rumours are no coincidence.


Are you convinced they're engaged? Tell us what you think in the comments below.