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1. Keira Maguire says she was straight up “ghosted” by Jarrod Woodgate.

Oh… dear.

Put your pot plants out once and for all; Keira Maguire and Jarrod Woodgate are officially over. And we finally know why.

Although rumours of the Bachelor In Paradise couple’s split first began to swirl in June, the pair have remained fairly tight-lipped over their split.

Now, speaking to New Idea, Keira has shared that she was straight up “ghosted” by Jarrod after the pair had an argument after a night out at a pub.


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“We broke up on a drunken night over something silly and that was it,” Keira said.

“He went back to the pub and I never heard from him again. Nothing at all and that was really hard for me. I wanted it to work,” she added.

“There is no last conversations which means I had no closure, which I really struggled with.

“He promised me the world, marriage and children and told me he was ready to settle down, but reality is that wasn’t what he wanted at all.”

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2. “The cat that got the cream.” Nathan Lyon’s ex partner Mel posts a telling Instagram caption.

Mel Waring has publicly responded to a Woman’s Day article that claimed her ex-partner, Nathan Lyon’s new girlfriend Emma McCarthy “looks like the cat that got the cream in photos sure to break Mel Waring’s heart all over again.”

Her Instagram post, captioned “the cat that got the cream looks like this”, shows the mum-of-two smiling with her daughters.


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The cat that got the cream looks like this #couldntaskformore #evenifiamoncrutches #mostimportantpeople #littleloves

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28-year-old McCarthy has been back in the spotlight since photos were shared on Instagram of the real estate agent trying on wedding dresses whilst away in London.

Waring and Lyons split in 2017 after his affair with Emma came to light.

Mel seems unphased by the news though, hashtagging ‘couldn’t ask for more’ on her latest post.

3. Um. We need to talk about Kate Ritchie’s cake-making skills immediately.

Excuse us, but we need to talk about Kate Ritchie’s unbelievable cake-making skills.

Over the weekend, the NOVA FM host surprised followers with her baking skills when she shared a photo of her five-year-old daughter’s home-made birthday cake.


“Taking birthday cake orders for when this silly career of mine is put to bed…” she captioned the photo.

Fans commented their praise for the sparkly cake, wishing five-year-old Mae a very happy birthday!

It’s not the first time Ritchie has blown us away with her baking skills.


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This time last sunny Sunday.. ????????????????????????????☀️???????????? #takenaweektorecover #turningtwo #hoppityhop

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We’d like to order 14, please.

4. “I’m the proudest brother in the world.” After seven years, Samuel Johnson has just reached his goal for Connie.

After seven years of fundraising, Samuel Johnson has just reached his goal for his sister Connie.

The actor, who created the charity Love Your Sister, promised Connie he would raise $10 million for cancer research by 2020.


“We did it. Promise kept. Thank you,” he posted on Facebook.

“This last 7 years was an apprenticeship. I’m just getting warmed up. Wait until you see what I’ve got for us next,” he added.

“I’m the proudest brother in the world right now.”

After Connie died in 2017 from terminal breast cancer, Samuel retired from acting to focus on fundraising for the charity.

We sat down for a one on one with Samuel Johnson. Post continues after video.


5. Multiple jobs, marathon training and home at 8pm: A day in the life of Carrie Bickmore.

If there’s one thing you should know about a day in the life of Carrie Bickmore, it’s that she’s busy.

There’s her hosting gig on The Project, her radio show with Tommy Little, her foundation Carrie’s Beanies 4 Brain Cancer, training for the ‘world’s toughest half marathon’ the Point to Pinnacle and a new partnership with Blackmores as a Sydney Running Festival ambassador.


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It’s a lot. And that’s not even counting life at home with husband Chris Walker and her three children: Oliver, 11, Evie, 4, and Adelaide, eight months.

Carrie returned to work at The Project last month after maternity leave, but it’s no surprise that even now she’s back at work, her daily routine isn’t perfectly structured.

You can read Mamamia’s full interview with Carrie Bickmore about her daily routine right over here.

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