FLUFF: Keira Knightley has the voice of an angel.

Keira Knightley has opened her beautiful mouth and produced a lyrical sound that is actually, musically, in tune.

Yep, the 29-year-old nymph goddess person has followed the latest celebrity craze: “I think I should try this singing thing because I am famous and therefore talented.”

Luckily for the actress (and for us), Keira’s voice will not hurt your ears.

The song was released prior to her film Begin Again, in which Keira plays a singer. It’s the same movie in which singer Adam Levine tries to be an actor.

We listened to her little tune 3 times and are still swaying calmly from side to side each time it plays. See how you go.

In our opinion, Keira has won celebrity singing. But it’s still worth mentioning some commendable runner-ups in our fictional competition.

Australian model Miranda Kerr, 31, did a wonderful talk-sing earlier this year with her rendition of You’re the Boss with singer Bobby Fox.

But if we’re going to go into the realm of best couple singers, Zooey Deschanel and Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s version of What Are You Doing New Years Eve? smashes it.

Seeing as this is now a trend, we have a few people who we would like to encourage to share their vocal prowess. We invite to the stage: Both Prince William and Duchess Kate in the couple singers category, Leonardo DiCaprio because he is a self-described “atrocious” singer, and Jennifer Lawrence because she’s already so good at everything, she would have to be good at this too.

But first,

Because she’s awesome and we like her face,

A bunch of photos of Keira Knightley:

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