Keira Knightley's baby daughter was all of us on US election night.

Adults on election night across the world were lost for words when it suddenly became clear Donald Trump was going to be the next US president.

While many were still desperately scrambling for their smart phones to tweet “NOOOOOOOO…” into the ether of despair, Keira Knightley’s 19-month-old daughter quickly managed to verbalise what all of us were thinking.

“She’s like this watching the television, completely silently and totally still for about four minutes and she rolls over onto her back and she closes her eyes and she goes, ‘F*ck!'” the 31-year-old actress explained on the The Jonathan Ross Show, which airs this weekend.

“I’m very proud.”

Star parents Keira Knightley and her husband James Righton. Image via Getty

Knightley's daughter, Edie, is "talking a lot, she’s running, she’s literally repeating everything we say so we’re having to be really careful.”

Honestly, we'd be proud too if our tiny child was offering such succinct political commentary at such a young age.

Would love to hear her thoughts on the new Time magazine cover, to be honest...