"No, no, please don’t do this to me." The moment Kayla Kendrigan thought she would die.

Last weekend, Kayla Kendrigan was thrown off a bridge and left to die.

The 19-year-old was allegedly abducted from a home in Ambarvale in Sydney’s west, and tortured by a group of people she once called her friends.

Police allege Kendrigan, who has learning difficulties and was born without a right arm, was forced into a car and driven about 50kms north to a house in Whalan.

It was at this house that Kendrigan endured six torturous hours.

The teenager recounts her ordeal on A Current Affair…

She was blindfolded and tied to a chair with an iPhone charging cable. Once restrained, she was punched, beaten with a wooden bat, and stabbed multiple times.

According to police, she sustained “significant injuries” including two stab wounds to her lower legs, deep bruising to her head and face, soreness to her upper body and lower back, burn marks to her hand and severe emotional trauma.

The disabled teenager will recall her ordeal on Tuesday night’s episode of A Current Affair.

“That night I thought I was not going to survive, I was not going to see anyone ever again,” she says in a promo for the show.


“And then I [saw] water and I said: ‘No, no, please don’t do this to me.’ I was just thinking to myself, do I just let myself drown? What do I do? What do I do?”

During the attack, a video was shared on Facebook which showed one of the alleged offenders demanding Kendrigan “get in the car [or] I’ll drag you in the f**kin boot”.

“Hurry the f**k up,” they add.

The teenager then tries to call her dad for help, before one of her attackers takes her phone off her.

She can then be heard screaming and crying and pleading for her attackers to “just leave me alone”.

The harrowing night ended with Kendrigan once again bundled into a car, still blindfolded and bound. She was driven to Windsor, more than 60kms away from her original location.

There, she was allegedly pushed off Windsor Bridge into the Hawkesbury River at about 5am on Sunday. She was still tied up.

Police said Kendrigan struggled to swim or float, but was able to make her way to the side of the river bank.

She then raised the attention of a nearby residence.

In the promo, Kendrigan’s parents talk about what it was like to find out their daughter narrowly escaped death.

“Hearing her screaming and crying and calling for me,” her dad says, clearly shaken.

“All you want to do as a parent is take care of your child and make sure they’re safe,” her mum adds.


Last week Brooke Brown, 19, Matthew Leuthwaite, 22, a 17-year-old girl, and a 16-year-old boy, were charged with several offences including attempted murder and aggravated kidnapping. They each face 25 years in jail.

Full story can be seen on A Current Affair tonight at 7.00pm on Nine and 9Now.

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