Kayla Itsines' go-to pimple remedy is a $6 nappy rash cream.

Get ready: you’re about to be convinced to put something that’s designed for babies’ butts on your face.

Fitness queen Kayla Itsines has revealed her go-to pimple remedy is a popular nappy rash cream.

Posting a photo of herself with spots of the product on her face, Itsines told her Instagram followers that Sudocrem “works miracles” and swears she never breaks out after using it.

Sudocrem is a widely-stocked product that retails for as low as $6 for a small tub.

Itsines captioned the photo with a shout out to mums who would recognise the product from their kids’ nappy rash days.

“Sudo cream… the same cream you use on your kids bums, I put on my face. It’s the bestttttttt!” the Adelaide personal trainer wrote.

“No pimples with this stuff, it works miracles and it’s so cheap! I’m telling you, thank me later.”

Followers have flooded the post to support Itsines' savvy saving secret.

"She's done it again saving the world one pimple at time," one user said.


"Sudocrem on everything!" Another user said.

One fan even admitted to the cream being a shared family secret.

"Hahaha so true me and my mum have used this for years," one user said.

We'll see you in the baby aisle.

Feature image via Instagram @kayla_itsines.

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