FLUFF: Katy Perry's got a walk-in wig wardrobe. Of course.

Katy Perry keeps a bright pink ponytail in her bedside drawer for special occasions.

It’s almost-definitely-maybe-probably true that Katy Perry has a walk-in wardrobe for her wigs and hair extensions.

So when she went to meet the Vice President of the Unites States, Joe Biden, Katy walked (strutted) into that walk-in wig wardrobe and selected a bright pink ponytail.

She whipped it out again to celebrate being ridiculously successful.

Aaaand she walked around Washington DC, just flippin’ that pink ponytail like nobody’s business (except we all know that celebrity hair is errybody’s business).

Katy is the master of crazy coloured hair.

Which probably has something to do with the walk-in wig wardrobe.

Here’s the photographic evidence to back that theory up:

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