Katy Perry pulled a strange publicity stunt but we suspect it didn't go as planned.

With Katy Perry’s name all over the news for a litany of silly things, perhaps you wouldn’t be surprised to hear she has a new single out that’s failing to shoot up the charts?

To give you a bit more insight, in Perry’s biggest market – the US – her newest single has dropped out of the top 100 just weeks after being released.

Regardless, props must be given to Perry for her particularly creative ways of generating a buzz around her newest single, Bon Appetit.

In the latest episode of Vanity Fair magazine’s web series Derek Does Stuff with a Friend, the singer pulled off a publicity stunt that went a little-awry-but-probably-not-because-we-are-still-talking-about-it.

It went down a little bit like this:

Host of the web series, Derek Blasberg, was tasked with the job of inviting unsuspecting museum-goers into what he calls a ‘special exhibition’ at New York’s Whitney Museum.

The art lovers were then guided into a room where a table was set with platters of food, and a serving platter covering the main dish.

When the cloche is lifted and the dish revealed, Perry's head emerges from the rubble, ready to shock onlookers with her star power.

It's just that, well, no one quite knew who Parry was initially.

Granted, Blasberg did keep referring to the singer by her birth name (Katherine Hudson, if you were wondering) but it took fans a good few moments to begin murmuring among themselves that the face brandished on the platter was the face of an international artist.

So was it a stunt gone wrong, or a stunt gone exactly as planned? After all, we are the ones still talking about it.

That, Perry fan, is for you to decide.