Fans are genuinely worried about Katy Perry after her latest stunt. But is it justified?

Katy Perry has spent the weekend live-streaming her life to YouTube.

It seems innocent, at first. A public relations stunt to build hype around her new record Witness.

Viewers can tune into watch her sleep and pet her dog and dine with friends and exercise in a private yoga class with actor Jesse Tyler Ferguson.

But then, there are the darker moments.

The session with her therapist where the 32-year-old pop star confesses she just wants to be “seen as Katheryn Hudson” – Perry’s real name. That she’s thought about suicide. That she cut her hair because she no longer wants to “look like” Katy Perry.

The conversations with friends where she spends hours analysing her own music videos. Discussing the way she is criticised on the internet because her bottom teeth are crooked.

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For some, Perry’s behaviour is eliciting flashbacks of stars who have come before her, who have come undone in the public eye.

Stars like Britney Spears – who shaved her head during a meltdown in 2007. Days later she attacked a photographer’s car and was admitted to hospital for rehabilitation.

Or Miley Cyrus whose “wild child” behaviour in 2013 had people questioning her mental health and her partying habits.


Or Shia Labeouf who has promised to live-stream four years of the presidency of Donald Trump though a YouTube channel that has also showcased several of his meltdowns. The same man who, in April, was kicked out of a bowling alley where he went “ballistic” and called the bartender a “fu*king racist”.

Fans are sharing their concerns about Perry’s well-being on social media. The hashtag #freekaty is trending.



Hopefully, it’s art. And Perry is attempting to shine light on a personality that is deeper than her cotton candy video clips and Superbowl performances.

Perhaps she’s taking a risk and letting us get to know the person who lies beneath the costumes and the makeup and the ‘Katy Perry’ persona.

We can all hope it’s not something darker. That Perry is simply being honest, and not asking for help.

That, though she might be demonstrating the balancing act that is having extreme fame, unbelievable wealth and remaining someone still recognisable, this is nothing more than a demonstration.

That the haircut and the live-streaming and the therapy session stunt is simply a reflection of herself and her art.

That #freekaty is nothing more than a hashtag.

Still, with a little caution, her adoring fans will continue watching.

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