Katy Perry accidentally flashed American Idol, then handled the situation like a queen.

Pop star Katy Perry has reacted perfectly after suffering a wardrobe “malfunction” during Monday night’s episode of American Idol.

The 33-year-old Roar singer found herself a little too involved while dancing on stage with a contestant and fell to the floor during an attempt to “drop it low”.

(Oh, we have all been there, just… not on national television.)

Watch Katy Perry’s mishap on American Idol in the video below.

Video by YouTube / American Idol

Aspiring Idol, Michelle Sussett, who was born and raised in Venezuela, was the one ‘responsible’.

She was singing an acapella version of Techno Cumbia and, only minutes before, had entered the audition promising to make the judges “dance and laugh”.

She certainly succeeded.

Sussett pulled judges Luke Bryan and Lionel Richie onto the stage, and called Perry up, too.

While dropping it low – no small feat in platform heels and a short, tight dress – Perry fell to the floor, flashing her underwear to the audience. (Thankfully, producers placed an American Idol logo over her so TV viewers wouldn’t cop an eyeful.)

“Oh dear God, there are things a man can’t unsee,” Bryan laughed, attempting to help Perry up.

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Perry handled the situation like a boss.

Because her short sequined dress made getting up again difficult, she fell to the ground several times in an olive-branch of comic relief.

Finally, with Bryan and Richie’s assistance, Perry was back on her feet and not fazed at all.

“Clearly I am the best dancer,” she joked with the audience, before telling Sussett she was impressed by her energy and “fearless” attitude.

Needless to say, the “fearless” Venezuelan is through to the next round.

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