Katy Perry responds to the man tricked into thinking he was dating her for six years.

Here’s a hint: if your Internet boyfriend/girlfriend seems too good to be true, they probably are.

Similarly, if you’ve been in an online relationship with one of the biggest music stars in the world for SIX YEARS, but never seen them face-to-face, it’s pretty safe to say that you’re being played. Sorry.


That’s exactly what happened to Spencer Morrill, who believed he was dating pop singer Katy Perry for six whole years.

Spencer appeared on the aptly named MTV show Catfish, telling his story of how he was so in love that he bought the singer an engagement ring using his grandmother’s emerald. The woman he was actually dating turned out to be named Harriet, a Canadian living in London.

Now, Katy Perry has responded to the story, telling SiriusXM that she couldn’t even read Spencer’s entire story because she found it “really unfortunate and very sad”.


“My heart goes out to him actually because anybody that’s been fooled like that… I feel bad for him,” she said.

“I didn’t really like to indulge in that, because my heart would die.”

While Katy is in a relationship with British actor Orlando Bloom, we’re hoping Spencer finds (real) love soon.

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