Someone made a life-sized Jennifer Lawrence cake because why not?

Look, haters gonna hate. Someone made a cake version of Katniss Everdeen – TO SCALE – and it is freaking amazing. Standing at 1.8 metres tall (Jennifer Lawrence’s exact height), it took out a gold medal at the Cake International Contest (yes, there is an international cake contest and it is everything you ever dreamed of):

Standing next to Katniss is her genius visionary and creator, Lara Clarke of Tasty Cakes. It took Clarke over two months to complete the cake, and she used a whopping 10kgs of sugar, 10kgs flour, 10 kgs of butter and 150 eggs. Oh, and according to the Tasty Cake Facebook page, these are just some of the standard tools required when preparing a Katniss cake:

And no wonder, when you consider what that thing looks like inside:


Unfortunately, after taking out top honours at the contest, the Katniss cake met an unfortunate end on the way home:

Oh well. #YOLO