Katie just rejected a prom invitation in the sassiest way possible.

Okay you guys, years after I left high school it’s finally time for me to come clean… I once rejected a boy’s invitation to a school formal by ‘ghosting him’.

(‘Ghosting him’ = I never bothered to reply to his text of “Sup! Want 2 cum 2 formal wit me?” Instead, I just let him hang dry in a void of complete silence until he went to his formal sad and all alone. I KNOW, I’M COMPLETELY EVIL AND THE WORST PERSON EVER , OKAY? I KNOW.)

Thankfully, I am now older and wiser and have found that men don’t ask me out all that much, and when they do I should be courteous and polite and jump at the chance to leave the house.

Watch the Mamamia team reveal the most brutal ways they’ve been rejected. (Post continues…)

Anyyyyway, today I discovered that my ‘never reply and hope he goes away’ approach isn’t actually that brutal. Not compared to Katie it isn’t.

Who’s Katie? Oh, she’s just this total boss lady who doubles as the Queen of Sass and triples as the Royal Highness of Rejections.

Because – BECAUSE – look at how Queen Katie served up this ice cold ‘no’ to some poor fella who just wanted some company at the school prom:


Katie = Queen.

Katie, I’m not sure who you are, or where you are, but keep on keeping on. Also, thank you for making every ‘ghoster’ out there feel a lil’ bit better about themselves.

What’s the most epic rejection you’ve ever seen?