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Is Katie Price addicted to pregnancy?

She’s got 5 kids already, but that’s not enough for Katie Price.

Katie Price already has five children, but apparently, five isn’t enough for the 36-year-old model. Katie has revealed she plans to have more children with her husband, Kieran Hayler, well into her 40s.

Katie Price and her husband Kieran Hayler.

Her comments are slightly confusing, considering she’s previously said that pregnancy makes her feel “gross” and that, "There's absolutely nothing good about being pregnant. Nothing. It's gross. I'm looking forward to not being pregnant so I can lie in the bath and not have to float.”

Katie Price with her husband Kieran Hayler and children Princess and Junior.

Katie won’t be using IVF either, explaining that Kieran is incredibly fertile. Katie told The Mirror, “"I will have more kids in my forties. It's a long way off yet, who knows how hard it will be to conceive?"

Katie with her husband Kieran and sons Harvey and Jett.

“But I do know with Kieran he only has to blink and look what happens - I'm pregnant. When you're compatible with someone it doesn't matter if you've got strong swimmers or not,” Katie continued.

Katie Price and her daughter Bunny.

And who knows, the conception might even happen before Christmas, with Katie explaining, “Kieran being an ex-stripper means he's got all the costumes, I'm sure he's got a Santa one there. I'd like to sit on his lap and see what's in his package.”

Katie Price's daughter Bunny.

Katie also plans to renew her wedding vows with Kieran before December, after forgiving him for cheating on her with her best friend, Jane Pountney, earlier in the year.

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