Katie Price FINALLY reveals her newborn daughter's name.

After giving birth 6 weeks ago, Katie decides on a name.

After giving birth to her 5th child 6 weeks ago, Katie Price, or the model formely known as Jordan, has decided on her newborn daughter’s name.

Katie, 36, and her husband Kieran Hayler have agreed on Bunny. But Katie told OK! Magazine that other names on her list included Lady, Disney, Precious, Bambi and Peggy.

The model went on to explain why it took so long to commit to a name for her little girl. “We really struggled to decide on a name. I wanted to call her Duchess Kate or just Duchess, but Kieran didn’t like that, so we’ve chosen Bunny, which we both like,” Katie said.

Katie and Bunny on the cover of OK! Magazine.

Katie considered an adaptation of the spelling, but in the end chose to stick with the original. “It’s really cute, isn’t it? I considered it being spelt Bunni with a heart above the i, but I don’t think that’s really a part of the English language,” the model explained.

But there’s no question on her next child’s name if her and Kieran have another girl in the future. “I love Duchess Kate, though, so I’ve told Kieran that if we have another daughter that will be her name! I think it goes well with Princess. She would have been Duchess Kate of Brighton,” Katie added.

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Katie had been previously calling her daughter “Bean” until she found a name to she felt went with her first daughter’s, Princess. “It’s so difficult to choose a name as I set my standards with Princess,” she went on to say.

This is Katie’s second child with Kieran, who are already parents to their 11-month-old son, Jett.

Katie had her first son, Harvey, 12, with Dwight Yorke. She then had her second son, Junior, 9, and first daughter, Princess, 7, with Peter Andre.

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