Katie Hopkins gained 20 kilos to make a point about fat people.

“Fat people are lazy and there is no excuse for obesity.”

That’s what 39-year-old British former reality TV star and tabloid columnist, Katie Hopkins, believes.

Hopkins wants so desperately to prove her point, that she deliberately put on 20 kilograms just so she could lose it publicly and show the world how ‘easy’ it is to lose weight.

AND she’s been given her own TV show to do it.

It’s called “To Fat And Back” and it follows Katie’s “journey” as she eats herself 20 kilos heavier and then aims to lose it.

Did you get that? A woman is going to put on a significant amount of weight so that she can lose it and ‘PROVE’ to the world that overweight people are lazy. It’s not just elaborate; it’s dangerous.

The whole thing feels gross, cruel and offensive. She makes no effort whatsoever to understand what it’s truly like to be overweight. She doesn’t acknowledge that being overweight or underweight can mean that someone is struggling emotionally or financially. She has approached this whole perverse experiment without a shred of empathy.

But that’s just how Katie Hopkins operates.

This woman makes a living out of offending parents, women, teenagers, obese people and any other moving target by saying things like “being a full-time mum is not a job” and “I’d rather work than be with my kids on their birthdays”.

So it’s really no surprise that she’s now going out of her way to try and ‘prove’ that fat people are lazy.

Here’s how she’s going about it.


And here she is during her “experiment”.

Today, Katie Hopkins has shared a glimpse into her bizarrely voyeuristic “experiment”.  She’s sobbing, reciting what she eats, and saying, “I hate fat people for doing this to me.”

All we can say is that we’re with her husband in the last few seconds of that video: This was your idea, Katie Hopkins.

Actually, that’s a lie. We have a lot more to say.

Here are all the questions we have regarding Katie Hopkins’ experiment. Join in, if you want. 

Will Katie Hopkins have access to a personal trainer, nutritionist and chef? If so, is that fair? Isn’t this just a one-person version of The Biggest Loser, only weirder? 

How about Katie Hopkins tries this experiment on minimum wage, as a mother who has to feed an entire family, or as someone who works several jobs to get whatever food they can on the table?

How about she tries to understand what it’s like to tie her entire self-worth to the number on the scales, and not know how to change it?  Has she bothered to do even the most basic research here?

Can’t she see that there are many complex, fragile reasons that can cause someone to end up being obese?  What happens if she does lose the weight really easily? Does it even count?

Can she possibly prove her point?  

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