Katie Hopkins is attacking Kelly Clarkson about her baby weight. AGAIN.

She’s at it again and it’s just nasty.

Katie Hopkins has dug her claws in to Kelly Clarkson again, taking to Twitter to tweet weight-related slander.

The 40-year-old took to Twitter a couple of weeks ago after Kelly Clarkson had appeared on the Graham Norton show, to ask if the singer had eaten one of her backup dancers, among other vicious tweets. We wrote about it here.

There was no backlash or response from Kelly, and yet Katie Hopkins has decided to take another dig at the 32-year-old new mum.

The second round of tweets coincided with Kelly’s recent performance with Jimmy Fallon on the host’s show, The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. 

It was on the same day (Monday) that Katie lashed out at Kelly Clarkson and her ‘baby weight’.

The controversial journalist's words caused a huge stir on the social media outlet, with a lot of backlash from Kelly's fans and just decent people in general.

But, as always, Katie had an answer for all the haters.

Without injecting too much opinion in to this, I'd say no one would be royally anything if her remarks got shut down from social media.

Just recently Mamamia produced a video looking at the harsh reality of what women have to deal with over Twitter. The video proved that women in the public eye have to deal with some disgusting and mean language thrown their way.

And while, yes, we do have the right to a freedom of speech, we don't have a right to become a target of online bullying. It's nasty and unnecessary.

Just let it be known that Kelly Clarkson absolutely nailed her duet with American TV host Jimmy Fallon. The trolls don't matter.

What do you think of Katie Hopkins harsh word?

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