Katie Holmes: "My sisters had to pay me to wash my hair."

Katie Holmes arrives at the CFDA Fashion Awards. Source: Getty.

As a teen in the late 90’s, I saw Katie Holmes’ face everywhere.

Her breakout role as the tomboyish, lovelorn Joey on the TV drama Dawson’s Creek catapulted her onto magazine covers and beauty ad campaigns, and her glowing, wholesome looks were a breath of fresh air. It was the era of the foundation-caked Lolita pop star (ahem, Britney/Christina/Mandy), after all.

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So, it’s refreshing to read about Katie’s super low-maintenance beauty routine in Into The Gloss. How low-maintenance are we talking? Not wanting to wash her hair for an entire year is the standard Katie set. Don’t worry, Katie, we get you. It’s not gross, it’s efficient…right?

Katie Holmes as Joey on Dawson's Creek. She just loved Dawson SO MUCH!

“When I was a little girl—if I could have—I would have gone a year without washing my hair,” admits Katie.

“I hated it, to the point where my sisters had to pay me to wash my hair.”

You know that when children are forced to fork out cash, it’s serious. (Post continues after gallery.)


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Katie is always good for a makeup tip – I remember her telling YM magazine back in the day that she would hold a kohl eyeliner pencil over a match, which creates a truly smoky effect when applied – and she doesn’t disappoint in this new interview.


“You know, I always keep powder blush in my purse,” she confesses. “That’s my little trick because, sometimes, you never know what the day is going to bring, and blush can really wake you up and make you look presentable.”

Katie Holmes, getting ready for the Met Gala Ball. Source: Instagram.

I agree. That’s why there’s always a Stila Convertible Colour compact in Petunia in my bag. Katie’s recommendation is nectarine-peachy blush tones, by Tom Ford.

Here's another beauty tip: she prefers to wear purple eyeliner rather than black, because it makes her eyes look greener. And, when it comes to skincare, Katie nominates Olay's Regenerist Regenerating Cream Cleanser and Active Hydrating Cream as her long-time go-to products.

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Katie keeps her morning routine as minimal as possible, “because I prefer to sleep” — and she admits to doing her makeup in the car sometimes. A girl after our own heart! She drinks a litre of water every morning, which sounds crazy, but guess what? That’s exactly what I do, too. It makes me feel fresh and hydrated, and gets rid of that dry, grumpy-bear feeling that can descend in the mornings.

I can just see Katie pausing, mid-litre, and singing to her water bottle: “I don’t wanna wait… for my water to be over.” Come on, that Dawson’s Creek song was almost as good as the Friend’s theme. Admit it!

Can you related to Katie's non-hairwashing inclinations? Tell us everything.

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