YES PLOISE: The cast of Kath and Kim are reuniting. Here are 14 of the show's best quotes.

Grab a glass of chardonnay and set up your favourite deckchair.

The cast of Kath and Kim are reuniting to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the iconic show.

The cast are believed to be filming in Melbourne this week, recording new sketch material that will appear alongside a selection of clips in the one-off anniversary special.

Here’s some words of wisdom from Kath and Kim to celebrate. Post continues after video.

To celebrate the news, here are 14 of our absolute favourite quotes and moments from Kath and Kim.

1. There’s only one way to celebrate special occasions.

"This calls for BBQ Shapes and a bottle of Baileys!"


2. That time when Kim didn’t know how to pronounce 'chardonnay'.

"Alright then, chardonnay, chardonnay, you pack of chunts!"

3. It's not a crime to keep yourself trim.

"I like to keep myself trim Kim. Does it make me a crim to keep myself trim?"

kath and kim
Image: ABC.

4. There is only one way to get someone's attention.

"Look at me."

"Look at moiye, ploise, Kim."

Image: ABC.

5. That time when Kim was the queen of insults.

Kath: "Kim, I'll tell you something for nothing, you may eat like a pig but you're definitely not a dog."

Kim: "Well if I'm not a dog how come I've got a b*tch for a mother?"


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Kim is the QUEEN of shade ???????? #kathandkim

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6. And let's not forget Kath as well.

"Kim! Bite your tongue or I'll come over there and bite it for you!"


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Happy Sunday! #kathandkim

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7. Every carch needs a throi.

"What about a throi? A throi for your carch?"



8. Kim, I don't think that's what Santa meant.

Santa: "Ho ho ho!"

Kim: "Thank you Santa, I am!"


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Merry Christmas! ???????? #kathandkim

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9. There's only one kind of date that really matters.

"For your information, I do have a date! A sticky date!



10. That time when Kim couldn't spell 'over'.

Kath: "Well what are you trying to say to me Kim? What?

Kim: "That my marriage is over! O-V-A-H! Over!


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it’s OVAH #kathandkim

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11. Cherry Ripe is definitely a fruit.

Sharon: "What about a piece of fruit Kimmy?"

Kim: "Good idea. Can you get me a Cherry Ripe? Jumbo size."



12. Beauty knows no pain.

Sharon: "Come on Kim, beauty knows no pain."

Kim: "Well, you're a pain that knows no beauty. Remember that, Sharon."


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13. That time when Kim gave us all a brilliant new insult.

"Blow it out your arse!"

Image: ABC.

14. But it didn't quite beat Kel's insult.

"You're not a freckle, you're a mole."

kath and kim netflix
Image: ABC.

This post was originally published on July 31, 2019, and updated with new information on July 21, 2022.

Feature Image: ABC.

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