The iconic Kath and Kim house has been sold, but it's not as "unuuuusual" as it used to be.


The iconic home from one of Australia’s most loved TV shows, Kath and Kim, has been sold for a ‘uuuuge $1.485 million after one month on the market.

As Kath Day-Knight would say, the buyers must be fairly ‘effluent.’

For five years, the Patterson Lakes property served as Kath’s townhouse, and the set for countless plotlines involving Kel, Kim, Brett, Sharon and eventually Kim’s beautifully-named daughter, Epponn’knee-Rae.

THE Kath and Kim house. Image via realestate.com.au.

If you were wondering whether buyers looked at the house and said 'Ah yes, this did feature on Kath and Kim but that's no reason to fuss, it's also just a fairly typical home,' the answer would be a resounding no.


Ray White Patterson Lakes principal Stephen Hill said "the first Saturday we opened [for inspection], we had people lined up all the way out the front but 95 per cent of those were there just to take photos."

Sorry. Not interested. Just here for the selfies. Image via Giphy.

Hill also told realestate.com.au that the listing for the house described it as: 'Luxury Living Day & Knight.' Get it?? Like Kath Day-Knight? But Knight is usually spelt 'night?' And it's genuinely quite a nice house, where you could probably entertain people at night time? Hehehe I like this real estate guy - and I never thought I'd type those words.

But those who came to 'inspect' the Melbourne home would likely have noticed a number of differences between how it appeared on TV almost a decade ago and how it stands today.

The show didn't portray the scenic position of the home, which has water views and a private beach area. I mean, I get it. A waterside entertaining patio doesn't scream 'funny' to me.

Huh?? Image via realestate.com.au.

The kitchen is also far more elegant than it appeared on TV, having since been "brightened up" with fresh paint and modern furniture.


I dunno...it just doesn't look like the same kitchen where there was never any food left for Sharon, and Kim made the entirely understandable mistake of confusing baby Jesus for baby cheeses.

Wonder if there's any 'cardonnay' hidden away...Image via realestate.com.au.

Eugh. All I want is to own that home so I can invite friends over and just do this:

PLOISE. Image via Giphy.