The Melbourne Cup and Epponnee Rae's wedding: Just five of the best Kath and Kim moments.

Let’s face it.

Our lives have improved by approximately 80 per cent since all four seasons of Kath and Kim hit Netflix.

Any night we’ve come home from work feeling ropable and in need of a little nostalgia-filled laugh, the foxiest ladies from Fountain Lakes are there.

Watch: Words of wisdom from Kath and Kim. Post continues after video.

Yes, it most definitely holds up. It is just as hilarious as it was when it first hit ABC in 2002 and we’re falling in love all over again.

So crack open the Tia Maria in the good room. Here are our favourite moments from the iconic series.

When Epponnee Rae grows up to be Kylie Minogue.

Guest appearances don’t get much better than none other than Kylie Minogue playing the adult version of Kim’s daughter Epponnee Rae.

I mean, how quintessentially Aussie can you get?

This episode is genius. Set five years in the future (so… 2009) and complete with flying saucers instead of limos, Epponnee’s wedding is peak Kath and Kim and we can only assume a career highlight of Kylie’s.


When Kath battles her homophobia.

This season one episode, simply titled ‘Gay’, combines everything there is to love about Kath and Kim. Always entertaining but never crossing a line, the episode sees Kath convinced that Kim is a lesbian, much to her horror, yet it never makes a mockery of the LGBT community.

It also boasts one of the best montages ever filmed, with Kath fainting over a sign with the word “Lebanese” on it and people coming out of actual closets.

Kath’s journey to acceptance still resonates with Australians for the sheer fact that it reminds us of so many well-meaning conservatives we know.

When Kath and Kim get a bit tipsy at the Melbourne Cup.

Kath spitting all over Rachael Griffiths before spewing carrot into her fascinator after too many Flirtalee Picolos is pure television gold.

An episode for the ages, this parody of the Melbourne Cup and how it never fails to turn every single Australian into a tizzed up pile of human garbage became a meme even before a meme was a thing.

It toims with the thoime. Image: Netflix.

It's almost blasphemous not to be reminded of it every year when November rolls around.

Kath and Kel's wedding.

Who could forget the ritziest fairy tale wedding (4.45pm for a 4.46pm start) television ever did see, complete with punch served from the rubbish bin and a tarp over the clothesline.

From the sculpture of 'baby cheeses' to Kath's velcro-soled shoes crunching down the aisle, it's laugh-out-loud hilarious from start to finish.

When Kim thinks a Cherry Ripe counts as a piece of fruit.

Not only did this episode birth one of the greatest quotes of Australian television ever, (Sharon: “What about a piece of fruit, Kimmy?” Kim: “Good idea. Can you get me a Cherry Ripe? Jumbo size”) it taught us a lot about where our favourite characters came from.

It's in many ways the origin story episode, and we bloody loved it.

We meet Kim’s deadbeat dad, Gary Poole. We work out just where Kath’s money comes from. And the pièce de résistance, we discover that a teenage hornbag Kim snatched Brett from poor, unlucky in love Sharon. It's equally heartbreaking as it is hilarious.

Now, does anyone else have the sudden craving for a footy frank?

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