Kate Winslet dedicates award to 'all those young women who doubt themselves'.

A drama teacher once told the 14-year-old Kate Winslet she “might do OK” if she “settled for fat-girl parts”.

Winslet, 40, related the story after winning the Best Supporting Actress at the BAFTAs for her role in Steve Jobs.

“Well, look at me now!” she enthused after accepting her third BAFTA. She won for Sense and Sensibility in 1996 and The Reader in 2009.

Winslet told the assembled press after her win that she wished she’d used the opportunity to speak to girls who experienced self-doubt.

“So what I feel like saying is to any young woman who has ever been put down by a teacher or a friend or even a parent, just don’t listen to any of it because that’s what I did.

“I didn’t listen and I kept on going, to overcome a lot of my fears, and I got over a lot of insecurity, and keep doing it. Just keep doing it and believing in yourself.”

She won over Alicia Vikander, Julie Walters, Jennifer Jason Leigh, and Rooney Mara, an honour she described as “an incredible year to be nominated”.

Watch Winslet after winning her third BAFTA (courtesy of On Demand Entertainment)…