Kate Waterhouse on the makeup mistakes everyone makes at the races.

Images via Kate Waterhouse (Instagram)

If there’s one person who knows how to make your makeup last all day at the races, it’s Kate Waterhouse. As the daughter of Australian horse trainer and “first lady of Australian racing” the mother-of-one has probably attended more race track meets than nightclubs.

We spoke to Sally Hansen Spring Racing Fashion Authority, Kate Waterhouse, about what makeup mistakes we should avoid at the races, and the best makeup tips she’s picked up over the years.

1. You’ve had a lot of experience attending racing events, what are your best tips to making your makeup last all day?

I like to use a (Napoleon) primer, I find that helps my makeup stay on all day. Plus a little bit of powder on the T-zone is a great help too.

2. What are the worst Spring Racing makeup mistakes you often see?  

Too much fake tan! It’s a day time affair so keep it simple and fresh!

3. What are your favourite makeup products and brands to wear on Race Day?

Armani Luminous Silk foundation, Sally Hansen Nail polish and MAC strobe cream.

4. Do you ever match your makeup to your dress or hat? What are the rules there?

No, I wouldn't match your makeup, but I like to match my nails.

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5. You're a mum now, what is your go-to look when you don't have much time?

I mix my foundation in with my moisturiser so that saves time as I can put it on with one application. Also, if I don’t have time to to wash my hair I pop it up in a simple chignon.

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