Kate Waterhouse has some seriously good highlights right now.

Another famous brunette has seen the light — well, the highlights, at least.

Australian columnist, blogger and racing royalty Kate Waterhouse seems to be going blonder and blonder at the moment.

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Earlier today she Instagrammed a shot from Who magazine‘s Most Beautiful People 2015 issue, which features Waterhouse with 10-month-old Sophia, her first child with husband, former footballer Luke Ricketson.

Little Sophia's sheer cuteness almost distracted us from her mum's lovely new hair... but not quite.

We're not sure when exactly Waterhouse, 31, made the brunette-to-blonde change; a perfunctory glance at her Instagram account suggests a couple of weeks. Regardless, it looks gooooood — though could you expect anything less from one of the country's most stylish women?

Take a look at some of Kate's recent snaps here (post continues after gallery):

Waterhouse isn't the only famous woman to completely switch up her colour of late.

Cara Delevingne's gone from blonde to brown, Christina Hendricks returned to her blonde roots after years as a redhead, and Kim Kardashian went from black to white and now back again, apparently? We can't keep up.

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Take a look at the other major A-list cuts and colours we're obsessed with right now:

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