The personal story Kate Ritchie told that sent The Project hosts into a stunned silence.

For two decades, Kate Ritchie graced our screens as Sally Fletcher on Home and Away.

She was just eight years old when she started the show and grew up on screen – prompting complete strangers to make shocking comments about her body.

Speaking about teenage body image on The Project, Ritchie said the changes her body went through during puberty were often brought up by people she met in public.

Yep, even though that is incredibly uncomfortable and inappropriate.

“Well I have to admit it was pretty awful at times, but I think after 30 years I’m so used to people commenting on my body,” Ritchie said.

“I’m sure this isn’t too crass, but I kind of grew overnight and I’ve had people since then, I go and buy sausages at the butcher or I go to the hairdresser and people tell me that they remember the day when Sally Fletcher grew breasts.”


The Project hosts were shocked at the confession, which Ritchie admitted had probably affected her self-consciousness in some ways but she is now more comfortable with herself.


“We shouldn’t be at war with our bodies,” she said.  “It’s so sad because we’re all going to be 80-year-olds one day and think ‘God, I was a great 40-year-old, why didn’t I make the most of it?'”.

Since leaving Home and Away in 2008, Ritchie has forged a successful radio career and has just released her second children’s book It’s Not A Scribble To Me.