In a rare moment, Kate Ritchie addresses the tabloids' obsession with her marriage.

Though the better part of Kate Ritchie’s life has played out in the direct glow of the public eye, she’s naturally and understandably careful about the parts of herself she shares with the public.

Having played Sally Fletcher on Home and Away since the age of eight, Australia has a curious fascination with the life and times of the girl who grew out of the sitcom and into one of the country’s favourite radio shows.

And through it all – the success of her career and ability to find work outside the Home and Away bubble – the tabloids have spent their time and energy focusing on her marriage with former rugby star Stuart Webb.

Are they or aren’t they?

Ritchie, it would seem, has no time for tabloid fodder. Especially when it’s focused on the state of her marriage.


In an interview with this weekend’s Stellar Magazine, Ritchie says the speculation doesn’t bother her as much as it once did.

“It doesn’t hurt my feelings, not anymore,” she told the magazine. “I think in the old days it did. There’s no point in getting bogged down about what other people think is happening in my life. The only positive in having the magazines write about my love life is that I know the Hewitts are getting a week off.”

Ritchie, a close friend of Bec and Lleyton Hewitt, told the news outlet the two friends now joke about the rumours concocted about their respective marriages.

“It’s me this week! They got you in your tracksuit, did they?” Ritchie says of her jokes with Hewitt. “You have to have that attitude about it. You cannot take it to heart.”

Webb and Ritchie married in 2010 after meeting two years earlier. Despite the rumours the couple were offered nearly $500,000 for pictures of their wedding, the duo declined, preferring to protect their privacy on their wedding day some seven years ago.

In 2014, Ritchie gave birth the couple’s first child, Mae.