Kate Ritchie learns the hard way that young kids and fancy makeup do not mix.

There’s nothing more soul-crushing than losing some expensive makeup to a cosmetic casualty – like smashing a new bottle of foundation on the bathroom floor or leaving your favourite lippy in a hot car.

Kate Ritchie has just learnt the hard way that kids and makeup DO NOT MIX.

On Saturday the radio host posted a pic of her daughter Mae on Instagram, with some very creatively applied lipstick on her face.

She captioned the image: “Another @tomford bites the dust”.

Another @tomford bites the dust ???????????? #sheneededitapparently #tomford #cosmeticcasualty #littlegirls #happysaturday

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Just for context, a Tom Ford lipstick retails for around $78 here in Australia. Ouch.

Kate’s Instagram followers were all too familiar with this parenting hazard, and shared their own stories of makeup mayhem.

“I can’t tell you how many lippys I’ve been through in a short period of time with two girls. I should have bought shares in a cosmetic company if I knew they were going to do this so often,” one person commented.


“My girl only wears my good lip stick too…you can’t be cross at good taste right?!?”

“I have a photo of my three year old son with exactly the same lip stick palette on. Maybe our kids think our lipstick looks like that?? Lol,” added another.

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While others complimented Mae’s unusual makeup technique.

“I find it very difficult to apply makeup in a moving vehicle. Your Mae appears to have a talent for it. Lovely work, Mae,” wrote one person.

“It might bit a little around the lips but she has none on the teeth #winning,” added another.

Don’t worry Kate, we’ve all been there.

Have your kids ever raided your makeup bag?