Kate Ritchie does a beautiful thing for charity, gets judged on her arm wrinkles.

We didn’t even know that was a thing.

Kate Ritchie has posted a happy photo to her Instagram account, packing her car to make donations to the Dandelion Support Network.

Heading to the Dandelion Network. Image via @kateritchieofficial Instagram.

"Packing the car with the family and off to my make my donations to the Dandelion Support Network today! Hoping to have a tour of their facilities too.. Their next donation day is April 1st so head to their website or FB page for handy tips on how to get involved. #dandelionsupportnetwork #donate #notforprofit#helpingbeautifulbabies #familiesinneed" Ritchie captioned her post.

The Dandelion Support Network, a local Sydney charity, distributes pre-loved nursery equipment and children's clothing to families in need, local hospitals and support agencies

We love seeing our local celebs doing their bit for the community. So we were super upset to see this;

Firstly, we didn't know that arm wrinkles were a thing. Secondly, they're not wrinkles. It's just skin squashed on a box. And thirdly why do we have to shame a mum while she's doing something to help out?

These wrinkles, here.

Because apparently that's an issue.

It's a new body shaming a woman while she's doing something to make a change in people's lives.

Great work Ritchie, we love what you're doing.

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