FLUFF: Kate Ritchie's baby shower looks like an incredible party.

Home and Away? More like Home and Adorable.

Ooph. We apologise for that, it had to be done.

So Kate Ritchie‘s currently busy making a small human – and, as is the custom for that process, she’s just had a baby shower. There were cupcakes, there were tiny baby booties in pink and blue, there were gorgeous invitations.

Kate’s baby is due pretty soon, so she’s sweetly asking all her fans to chip in with advice:

“Here is a little snippet I wanted to share with all of you who continue to send us your words of wisdom and best wishes too… If only our bub knew the fuss! KR x #notlongnow.”

It’s basically the best type of party ever, and we’re considering making children purely so that we can have one.

See? Look at these teeny tiny baby booties:

And these incredible, moderately creepy little edible cupcake baby heads:

Have you got any baby advice for Kate Ritchie? 

Here you go, all the most amazing photos from Kate Ritchie’s baby shower – and while we’re at it, some of the best celebrity baby celebrations that have ever happened. 

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