Designer Stefano Gabbana left a cutting comment on a Kate Moss photo. Big mistake.

Stefano Gabanna – one of the two men behind Italian luxury label Dolce & Gabanna – quite possibly made a very big mistake when he chose to leave a rude remark on a photo of Kate Moss on Instagram.

Fashion account The Catwalk Italia asked its 1.4 million followers to rate the 44-year-old model’s Saint Laurent playsuit with a thumbs up or thumbs down on Sunday. So, you know, one of those highly original and not at all outdated ‘hit or miss’ posts.

Many people seized the opportunity to comment on how freaking great Moss looked.

But when Gabanna – who has 1.2 million followers of his own – saw the post he chose to respond simply with a cutting “No”.

Now, we’re no public relations experts here, but when you are a famed designer with a huge international profile, it can’t be smart to leave a cruel comment like that on a supermodel’s photo, can it?

Especially not when she’s also an influential fashion icon, who might just wake up and choose to stop wearing your brand.


Maybe Gabbana didn’t realise people would see his comment and recognise his name?

Problem is, they did. And the 55-year-old designer was flooded with some very harsh words in response.

Designer Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana at a show in February 2018 in Milan, Italy. Image: Getty

"[Stefano Gabbana] jealous much?" wrote one follower.

"Idiots like you contribute to women starving and self abusing to be unrealistically skinny for the sake of making money," pointed out another.

And this comment is probably our favourite: "Kate Moss is a legend, f**k off."

Moss wore the playsuit while she was a front row guest at Anthony Vaccarello's Spring 2018 Saint Laurent men's show in New York.

As for Dolce & Gabbana, Moss has been a fan of the brand on and off the catwalk, walking in several of their shows during the '90s and wearing one of their leopard print coats to her much-photographed 30th birthday party.

But now, who knows? Moss - who looked fly as heck and can wear whatever she damn well pleases - might just give Gabbana a taste of his own medicine. Because why get behind a brand that is headed up by a man who so clearly is, well, a "no"?

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