Kate Moss has invited you over for tea to talk about Kate Moss.

Kate Moss: ageless It Girl, party fiend, panda eye’d supermodel, and master of style (even if she’s wearing gumboots, short shorts and unwashed hair). She’s here to have a cup of tea on her couch and talk about things she likes.

In a lounge-room fresh out of English Cottage Today, Kate Moss has chatted with Vogue’s contributing editor Kate Phelan about the forthcoming December 2014 issue, which includes a specially curated section called ‘Kate’s World’ and two special covers (both starring Ms Moss).

In all seriousness, Kate Moss is working some special Benjamin Button mojo because she looks entirely ageless on the video and on it’s cover.

In the video, Moss and Phelan flip through Vogue’s final issue for the year and talk through the ‘Kate’s World’ section.

We kind of thought that her voice would be a little deeper after all those cigarettes and boozy nights. It’s about three octaves higher than what you’d expect.

Moss does show that she’s not phased by weird celebrity questions. She doesn’t even raise an It Girl eyebrow when asked, “how do we capture the incredible style of you?”. This lady is clearly a professional. And she’s probably seen a lot of shit.

‘Kate’s World’ seems to be the Moss version of Oprah’s favourite things. She talks about  her love of showgirl outfits and dress up parties, hanging out with Beth Ditto,the many photographers she has known and loved, and how she’s bossy (and proud). We also get to see her mutter the phrase “I’m so hot”, but that is attributed to her pink skivvy than her numerous topless photo shoots.

Moss’s lounge room is picture perfect (though you would probably do some sweeping up if camera crews were coming over).

She concedes that the topics of her conversations have changed from night clubs to gardening over the years – so has that diminished her cool?

Is the most famous party girl of the supermodel generation still keeping it real?

She does appear to serve her tea in mismatched mugs, so maybe she’s just finding new ways to stick it to the Man.

Are you still a Kate Moss fan? Do you miss the old Kate Moss?