"Um, sorry, where's the REAL princess?"

Oops, that’s not Elsa.

The children of the Northside Centre for Child Development were clearly happy to have The Duchess of Cambridge visit, shouting ‘princess’ as she arrived.

But she wasn’t actually the princess they were expecting.

Rose Ann Harris, director of early childhood services at the Centre said, “They thought she was the Princess from Frozen. When they heard she was coming they thought it was Elsa – we said a Princess and they got a Princess.”

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But despite her lack of long blonde hair or icy powers the kids, suffering from developmental issues or abuse, were ecstatic.

"The visit meant everything to the children, they were thrilled and it acknowledges all the hard work of the staff," Rose Ann said.


Outside the building on Fifth avenue, Kate, 32, crouched down on the sidewalk to chat to the three and four-year-olds, accepting a bouquet of red roses before heading inside to help the kids out with an art project.

The Duchess looked elegant as ever in a $1000 Goat coat which the Daily Mail reports has been altered for 'modesty'. In an effort to make the Queen happy, Kate's hemline has reportedly been lowered, with a panel of fabric added to the coat to make it longer.

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Later, Kate moved to the gift-wrapping station where she helped a group of Harlem grandmothers wrap presents for some of New York's poorest children. Although Kate reportedly joked that she was hoping to wrap a square present, she managed to show off her craft skills with a tricky, butterfly winged doll.


71-year-old Mary Dawkins who has been a volunteer at the Centre for the past five years had the chance to chat with Kate and was elated after the visit.

"We sat together wrapping gifts - she's my girl," Mary said. 

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Meanwhile, Prince William was busy meeting with US President Barak Obama after giving a speech on illegal wildlife trafficking at the World Bank.

During the chat, the President asked William about his excitement over the upcoming birth of his second child.

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William joked about the birth of Prince George revealing, "I forgot to work out whether it was a boy or a girl, the excitement of the event and everything else was just chaos."

Sounds like a true first time dad! We're sure he'll be paying a bit more attention to the gender this time around. 

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