Kate ­Miller-Heidke is expecting a baby.


It’s been a busy year for Kate Miller-Heidke.

In the same week as her acting debut in the ABC drama series The Divorce, Kate Miller-Heidke has announced she is pregnant. The 34-year-old songwriter and performer is expecting her first baby in May, with husband, musician Keir Nuttall.

The Divorce is the latest addition to Miller-Heidke’s accomplished career. While the operatic series didn’t receive high ratings, she described the show as “a brilliantly gutsy thing for the ABC to do. It’s exactly the kind of thing the ABC should be tackling — it’s something the commercial networks would never touch, but it has value.”

Kate Miller-Heidke is looking forward to more acting work in the future, sharing that The Divorce was a valuable learning experience. “I’ve acted on stage before in operas but it’s not the same,” she said. “My tendency was to overact and do too much. It took me a while to get my head around that.”

Watch Kate Miller-Heidke in the trailer for ‘The Divorce’ here

Video via ABC TV

Miller-Heidke is classically trained, but has followed a colourful career in alternative pop music. Her next project will see her making her debut in an orchestral setting, performing her own pop music. The Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra will join her in performing hits such as The Last Day on Earth, O Vertigo and Words for a once-only performance at Hobart’s MONA FOMA festival.

“It’s a real thrill having my own songs arranged for orchestra,” she said. “It’s like the songs have been reinvented.”

After that, she has the Sydney Festival to look forward to, as well as the release of an album and an Australian tour in February.

Kate Miller-Heidke stars in ‘The Rabbits’, an award-winning musical based on the children’s story. The musical debuts in January, and is presented by Opera Australia in association with the Sydney Festival.

“I like being constantly stimulated in different directions,” Miller-Heidke said. “I find it exciting, not making a clear distinction in my mind between the operatic and pop projects and just saying yes to whatever tickles my fancy.”

It’s been a big 2015 for Kate Miller-Heidke, but 2016 is looking even bigger. And we cannot wait to meet Kate’s mini-Heidke in May.