It's a very special day for the Duchess of Cambridge.

We wonder how she’s celebrating.

Happy 33rd birthday to our favourite royal, Kate Middleton. (Yep, we even love her more than George. Sorry George, it’s only a little more.)

Via BritishMonarchy on Instagram

It's been a big year for Kate with a second child on the way,  a couple of royal tours and every charity engagement known to man kind. While she was 32 her hemline went longer, she accidentally flashed her royal derriere and (contradictorily) her dresses went shorter again. Take that Queen.

At her last few official engagements, Kate's hemline was noticably shorter. Image: Getty.

Speaking of fashion Kate's known for her stylish sartorial choices but she still looked amazing in a hoodie.

Kate in a hoddie. Image: Getty.

No longer was Kate fighting the paps for her topless photos, her 32nd year also saw her fighting against paparazzi pictures of her son - from when they were secretly captured playing in Canberra, to when a pap got a pic of George playing in his local park.

George on his 1st birthday. Image: Getty.

She also showed us that it doesn't matter how royal she might be, Kate can still pull off a killer eye roll.

Kate's now famous eye roll. Image via Getty.

Let's hope Will got her something good...

To see Kate's year in pictures CLICK THROUGH the gallery.

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