Kate Middleton and the $426 tracksuit pants.

Is this the most beautiful royal sight to behold?

The Duchess of Cambridge, our Kate, who’s normally trussed up in structured pea coats and jewel-toned wrap dresses, has finally said “bugger it”.

She’s donned the trackies for a day.



(Photo by Andrew Milligan – WPA Pool/Getty Images)

I mean, she still looks completely lovely doesn’t she? But there’s something else about her. That tracksuit pants feeling. That, people, is the smile of someone who has an elastic waistband.

Here I was thinking that this sartorial selection is brilliant news for us all. Because if Kate Middleton — fashion icon — says yes to tracksuit pants in public, SO MAY WE ALL. *sips cup of tea delicately while sitting in stained grey baggies*

But just as I was celebrating this victory for the common people, I saw that her tracksuit pants were a different kind.

The kind that says “$426 dollars.”

(Photo by Andrew Milligan – WPA Pool/Getty Images)

Tellingly, these tracksuit pants are the one item of Kate Middleton clothing that has NOT sold out.

Her Monreal London “tuxedo” track pants were a price that made my brow sweaty. Not just the price, mind you, but calling your tracksuit pants “tuxedo” is kind of like me calling my 1998 Commodore Station Wagon a “Porche”.

Can thy Duchess not bestow her royalty upon Kmart Castle?

Can thy Duchess procure thy shelves of Big W?

For the same price as her Monreal London “tuxedo” track pants, the Duchess could have purchased SIXTY EIGHT pairs of Big W Fleecies. AND they come in Royal Blue.

In any case, go forth in your tracksuit pants knowing that they’re now fit for royalty.

Here’s how to get Kate Middleton hair to go with your tracksuit pants:

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