FLUFF: If you only have one kitchen in your palace, you're doing it wrong.

Kate Middleton is a woman of many nicknames.

Many pretty dresses, and many nicknames.

Catherine, the Duchess of Style.  Princess Kate.  Duchess of Smiles. And let’s not forget Prince William’s special nickname of ‘Babykins.’

Now Kate has added ‘Two Kitchens Kate’ to her growing list of nicknames, after Wills and Kate added a second ‘private family kitchen’ to their Kensington Palace apartment. Because if you only have one kitchen in a 20-room palace, you’re doing it wrong.

But Two Kitchen Kate hasn’t stopped there. We’re hearing reports she is now installing a brand new kitchen in the couple’s Norfolk country mansion, with media now dubbing her ‘Three Kitchens Kate.’

Pictures of the kitchen at Anmer Hall, the 10-bedroom country mansion that Will and Kate are renovating were posted online by the designer who originally installed it, showcasing gleaming hardwood, and state-of-the-art appliances. The kitchen is rumoured to be worth roughly $90, 000 Australian.

Look at this kitchen, kitchen:

The original Anmer Hall kitchen.

The couple who designed the original kitchen, Jamie and Jayne Everett, posted a message on their website alongside the photograph, stating: 

“We left behind one of the most gratifying kitchens we made, the Anmer Hall Kitchen. The silver lining to this is that I am certain the new occupants Prince William, the Duke of Cambridge and Kate, the Duchess of Cambridge, are enjoying it as much as we did!”

Well, that’s royally awkward.

The refurbishments at Anmer Hall are rumoured to be costing around  £1.5 million, which will be paid by the royal family from private funds.

And because we know you want to imagine what Kate Middleton is wearing while she makes all these kitchen-related decisions, here’s a gallery of her best outfits. 

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