The footage of 13-year-old Kate Middleton that predicts who she'll grow up to marry.

Stories that involve prophecies are obviously my favourite kind of stories.

So a video of a 13-year-old Kate Middleton in a school play pretty much being told she’d marry Prince William has me very excited.

The footage, recently resurfaced by Hello! Magazine, shows the future Duchess performing on stage at St. Andrew’s Preparatory School in Buckhold, England, in a play titled ‘Murder in the Red Barn,’ written by one of her teachers. Wearing a white dress and flowers in her hair, Kate has her palm read by a fortune teller.

“This is a most lucky hand,” the fortune teller says, before telling Kate she is “soon to meet a handsome man, a rich gentleman” who will fall in love with her, and marry her.

Did you know the royals are only allowed to wear one nail polish shade? Post continues after audio.

“Will he take me away from here?” she asks.

“Yes, to London,” the fortune teller predicts.

But it’s the name of her suitor that’s particularly eerie: William.

Yep. In the play, Kate marries a wealthy landowner named William.

You can watch the video of Kate’s school play below. Post continues…

The man who played William in the production has obviously been contacted by news organisations who have the time/resources for such… leads, and told ABC, “Having watched that again now, you just sort of think, my God, that’s quite odd, isn’t it?”

‘Tis William. ‘Tis odd.

The fact that a 13-year-old Kate was told in front of an audience that a wealthy man would take her to London, and his name would be William, seems slightly eerie. And I like it very much.

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