Leave Kate alone, she is MY style icon.

It’s true, The Duchess of Cambridge isn’t a fashionista. She is a style icon.

You need to know Kate is my best friend. In my dreams, at least.

And when your best friend gets attacked, you stand up for her.

So today: back off, fashion world.

In case you don’t know, my bestie Kate made the Vanity Fair International Best-Dressed List 2014  (along with Cate Blanchett and Crown Princess Mary). So, good company.

And that is where it starts. Apparently, Kate isn’t deserving of being among the company of models, designers and well… fashionistas.

“A style icon is born, not made. Personal flair is a talent, not a skill to be faked,” is what the much-discussed Sydney Morning Herald article said. “Kate has not, and never will be, a fashion girl.”

To that I say…Kate is MY style icon…because:

She is not a fashionista. I agree with the critics there. And that is why she IS a style icon.

She doesn’t parade herself in ostrich feather skirts with Marge-Simpson inspired hair. No.

She wears what I can wear.

She wears beautiful dresses to classy events.

She wears jeans and a t-shirt to play with her son.

She wears dresses and wedges and heels and blazers and skirts…all of the things I can wear.

Her fashion doesn’t make me think WTF? Instead it makes me think… Ooh, I think I have something similar in my closet.

Fashionistas come and go. Style icons stay.

My favourite fancy dress she has ever worn (besides her wedding dress).

The next thing she got slammed for was being "cheap and cheerful". Not all her clothes are "cheap and cheerful". Unless you consider a thousand dollar dress "cheap" (I do not). And I appreciate her wearing some fancy expensive dresses sometimes, and then next wear a Zara t-shirt (one that I can afford). So, Kate, bring on the "cheap and cheerful".

Apparently, she also does a big fashion-no-no for wearing something twice. GASP. How dare a royal with tax-payers money to burn wear something twice?

I LOVE that she wears outfits twice or more. You know why? Because I wear outfits more than once. Everyone who wears clothing wears them more than once. Only designers and models and billionaires with a ridiculous amount of money to waste wear something once (to those people, be like Kate and give the money you save on different outfits to charity).


And another fashion no-no - wearing eye liner. If it isn't a designer or Sharon Osbourne, it is someone else saying that Kate needs to lay off the eye liner. Now, as a brown-eyed, brown-hair girl, let me tell you. I look waaaay better with eye liner. And there isn't a function or event I go to without my trusty eye liner.

I even commit the same sin as Kate and wear eye liner during the day. I personally LOVE her make up, so to those critics out there... why don't you take another look at your purple eye shadow with green sparkles and blue mascara.

The only thing I will say that I don't like about Kate is that whatever she wears sells out before I can buy it.

So Kate, as your bestie, do you mind letting me know what you are planning on wearing so I can buy it before it sells out?

Because I would also like to be a style icon like you.

What do you think of Kate's fashion?

CLICK THROUGH the gallery to see some of the looks that I think Kate should wear over and over again:

Want more? Try:

Look out Kate, another Royal might knock you off the fashion pedestal…

Would a pregnant Kate do this?

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