Kate Middleton made a comment about "having more babies" and the internet can't cope.

There’s nothing more excruciatingly awkward than fielding baby making questions in public.

So when the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton found herself facing a similar situation during the Duke and Duchess’ royal tour of Poland – albeit under the watchful eye of THE ENTIRE WORLD – we felt for her.

After receiving a ‘gift for a newborn’ from a Polish fan, Kate did what any other woman of child bearing age would do when the entire world is waiting on her response with baited breath…

She laughed it off.

“We will just have to have more babies,” she joked to her husband as ovaries everywhere exploded in excitement.

While there’s no denying we’re all for more little Princes and Princesses running around because let’s face it, Prince George and Princess Charlotte are about as cute as they come, that decision isn’t up to anyone other than their parents.

"We will just have to have more babies," she reportedly joked to her husband. (Image: Getty)

So no, this probably isn't one of those cryptic celebrity baby announcements we live for, but rather one woman's attempt at diverting attention from her royal uterus.

In other words, don't hold you breath for another royal bub anytime too soon.

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How do you deflect baby questions from family and friends?

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