Celeb in 5: Wednesday's best entertainment and gossip news.

1. The adorable, highly-relatable moment Prince William and Kate Middleton shared inside Westminster Abbey.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge go to a lot of boring events. Sure, it’s their job and they probably eat off golden plates and out of diamond encrusted glasses, but still…

It’d get pretty tedious going to one ceremony to the next, always having to dress up in fancy clothes and listen dutifully.

It’s for this reason people are finding a candid moment captured of Prince William at the 100th anniversary of the Royal Air Force ceremony so bloody relatable.

Taken at Westminster Abbey this week, the video footage shows the future King sitting with a smirk on his face next to Kate, the future Queen, while everyone else is listening to a very, very interesting speech.

Then comes the part that feels familiar when Kate, who – for the record – is meant to be on maternity leave, catches him out.

While we’ll never know why Wills was smirking and what he told his wife (that is, until the lip readers get a hold of it), he looked at his watch which could either mean:

A) “Remember when we became husband and wife at this exact moment in this exact church?”

B) This was meant to be over 15 minutes ago.

2. Errr… an unearthed 2003 interview with Ben Affleck eerily shows him predicting the future.

So we have two – no, three – options here: Ben Affleck is a psychic, Ben Affleck is a time-traveller, or Ben Affleck is way more into economics and technology than we ever knew.

And damn it, we want to live in a world where it’s the first.

What’s the basis for these wild theories, you ask. Well, a 2003 video has re-emerged showing the 45-year-old accurately predicting the invention and popularity of Spotify, Netflix and Stan.


Not those brands to be exact, but the concept of streaming services – people paying for access to entertainment for a monthly fee – he pretty much nailed.

“I think an annual subscription-based system is one that works,” the actor said during the interview.

“You have the music business – a $3.4 billion a year business, okay? Which is 1.7 million people in the country spending $200 a year [on music].”

“Those same people would pay the same $200 a year each year to have access to basically the entire library of existing music.”

“It will be like, if you want to watch [a movie] the first weekend, maybe it won’t be available first weekend,” he continued later in the interview, suggesting movie-streaming.

“But then if you want to watch it, you’ll pay more, and then as it goes to another stage in its release, it’ll become less expensive.

But the part where it gets really freaky is when he predicts just when this type of entertainment consumption will begin.

“Technology isn’t quite there yet, but it will be within, I would say, five years.”

Spotify launched in 2008 – five years after the interview.

3. Lara Worthington’s website has mysteriously shut down – but that’s not the bad news.


We have bad news for all fellow fake tan-lovers: we all just missed out on a bloody big sale at Lara Worthington’s The Base website.

(Or maybe you didn’t miss it, in which case, well done to you.)

Yes, it seems after running sales to clear makeup products at bargain prices – including buy-one-get-one-free offers – the beauty label’s website has mysteriously shut down.

The Daily Telegraph reports this happened late last month. And it had many suspecting the model’s brand was going out of business.

Not so, apparently. A representative for Lara told Confidential that the brand is simply preparing for a relaunch.

So The Base is here to stay, but sadly those bargains are gone.

4. Deborah Knight opens up about the bizarre Facebook scam using her face.

We all know how crappy fake news is and what it can do to the world. Take Trump, for example.

But what about Australian fake news? Surely we don’t fall for that kind of stuff down under, right?

Sadly, it looks like we are, with Today news reporter and co-host Deb Knight calling out a Facebook scam using her image to rip people off.

“It’s a fake article claiming that I am selling face cream, that I’ve quit channel nine.. and I’m a big proponent of this face cream. It’s annoying, bit it’s also costing people dearly,” she said on Wednesday.

Listen to Deb call out the Facebook scam below. Post continues after video.


The journalist then went on to speak about a message she received from a pensioner who had been charged $131 after giving up her credit card details for a free sample of the product Deb is supposedly endorsing.

“When pensioners are being ripped off, it’s got to stop,” she added.

The message from this unfortunate situation is clear:

Deb Knight is definitely still working at Channel 9. She has not quit her job to sell a miracle face cream. Do not buy said face cream.

5. Meghan Markle’s abortion comment “broke” royal protocol but we’re backing her all the way.

Now THIS is the look of a woman who's broken the rules. Image: Getty.

Uh oh. The Duchess of Sussex Meghan Markle has gone and supposedly broken royal protocol again by being a lovely person interested in basic human rights.


While in Ireland for the 36-year-old’s first overseas royal engagement since marrying The Duke of Sussex Prince Harry in May, an unassuming tweet from an Irish politician led many to believe the former Suits actress broke protocol by expressing a political view on the topic of abortion.

In a since edited tweet, Senator Catherine Noone - an Irish politician who also chaired the parliamentary committee that recommended repealing the Eighth Amendment prohibiting abortion - said she spoke to Meghan on Tuesday at the British ambassador’s residence in Dublin and that "watched with interest and was pleased to see the result."

To read all about the fallout (gasp), read our full story on Meghan Markle's abortion comment here.