The beautiful thing Kate Middleton is (possibly) doing to honour Princess Diana.

In case you missed it, the royals are having another baby pretty soon.

Look, we’re not sure if this news is true. But if it is, we really love it.

The Duchess of Cambridge is reportedly preparing a ‘glory box’ or ‘hope chest,’ for both Prince George and his future sibling.

Kate Middleton
Harry and Kate with Prince George (21 months). Image via Tumblr.

The glory box will pay tribute to William’s late mother, Diana, who died in a car accident in Paris in 1997.

A source said, “It’s kind of like a dowry or hope chest and has things in there that the boys have kept from when their mother was alive.”

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Because after all, the future King of England didn’t see his mother as a ‘royal’, “she was just his mum, and she adored him and his brother. He had such a happy childhood, and that was all due to her.”

Kate Middleton
Harry and Diana in the 80s. Image via Tumblr.

A source told OKMagazine.com, “She’s still her babies’ grandmother and wants them to understand just how special she was to the world.”

(Are your eyes welling up or are your allergies acting up too?)

The glory box is rumoured to include trinkets, letters, photos, jewellery and even recorded tapes that Diana used to make for the boys when she was away on royal duties.

Like we said earlier, no knowledge on whether this news is actually true. But if it is? TEARS.

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