What Kate Middleton did before school pick up proves she's just like us.

Kate Middleton is undoubtedly one celebrity who is seriously candid with her children.

She routinely squats down to her children’s eye level to engage in active listening, and is probably the most patient mother we have ever witnessed.

As it turns out though, she is just like every other mother when it comes to school pickup.

The Duchess surprised non-royals in Battersea Park on Friday when she swung by The Decorative Antiques & Textiles Fair, which is a five minute drive from Prince George‘s school,  Thomas’s Battersea, around 2pm.

It seems like Kate needed to get out of the house (or castle) for a cheeky spot of retail therapy before pickup. Every mother has been there.

“Kate was very casual, wearing blue jeans and a pink shirt. She had on a pair of white trainers,” a source told hello!.

 “She was very, very pretty. She appeared to be on her own with no obvious security in sight. She was walking along the aisle with someone who looked as if he was explaining something to her, perhaps a dealer or a member of the exhibition staff,” they added.

While many of us might opt to go clothes shopping, it’s no surprise Kate Middleton enjoys browsing art galleries.

The 36-year-old mother of three graduated with Masters of Art History from St. Andrews University in Scotland, the university where she met her now-husband Prince William.

It’s also not the first time people have lost their minds over Kate Middleton doing normal human things.

Last week,  Kate Middleton closed her own car door.

The Duchess of Cambridge was recorded stepping out of a car at Paddington Recreation Ground in London on Tuesday and then shutting the door – gasp – herself. Well, sort of. Another person finishes the job. But she made the initial door shutting motion.

We close our car door every day. She is just like us.