Why Kate really skipped THAT wedding.

Kate Middleton piked on a friend’s wedding.

The Duchess of Cambridge. The most loveliest person in England. Always waving and smiling to the crowd missed a wedding. At the last minute. Sending her sister to go eat her couple-of-hundred-dollar meal that was already locked in with catering.

How rude.

That’s what the people said. By people, I mean not me.

As Kate’s (unofficial) bestie, I know her better than that. I knew when I read the headlines of Kate missing yet another friend’s wedding, that something must be up. There must be some good reason why she didn’t go.

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Humble brag moment: I was right.

In fact, there were several reasons she decided to stay home with the kiddies instead of going to a wedding.

The royals and Princess Charlotte's christening. Image via Getty.

The reports were that Kate Middleton bailed on Prince William's friends, Bear Maclean and Daisy Dickson's wedding at the last minute. Sending Pippa (her sister) instead. The evidence? She was still on the seating plan.

All lies.

PEOPLE have confirmed that she sent her RSVP card with "Not Attending" ticked within the socially acceptable time.

Now Kate has missed her fair share of weddings. Last year in May, she bailed on Prince William's mate Guy Pelly. This was just after her return from the Australia-New Zealand trip though.

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She also missed Tam van Straubenzee's wedding (another friend of Prince William) in June 2013. But that was a month before she gave birth to July. As a fellow pregnant women, I totally get this.

Kate Middleton made sure to attend the tennis. Image via iStock.

A friend of Kate's told PEOPLE that the reason she missed these weddings is... because she's good at looking after herself. "She just needs to make sure she's okay," the source said.

Which is fair enough. I mean, for the most recent wedding, she's probably still doing night feeds, has a four-month-old and a two-year-old and just trying to get into the hectic routine of being a parent to two.

Check out the Royal family and Princess Charlotte's christening and how many people turned up to it. Post continues after the video.

Video via Sky News

As someone whose job it is to be social, isn't it a good thing that she passes on some social engagements to have some me-time?

But... the best reason that Kate gives these weddings a miss...

Kate's most recent engagement, attending The America's Cup World Series in July. Image via Getty.

Mark Stewart, a royal photographer who has covered quite a few of the weddings Kate and William have attended, told PEOPLE that she doesn't like to steal the limelight from the bridal couple.

Kate is the most loveliest person in England, after all.

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"They didn't like the idea of upstaging the bride and groom – they wanted it to be about the couple getting married and not themselves. They do become the center of attention. Suddenly you can have 200 members of the public in a churchyard."

The little family with the Queen and Camilla Parker Bowles. Image via Getty.

Prince William goes along to be the "royal" factor at the wedding, but Kate prefers to give it a miss to not ruin the couple's special day.

If you were one of the people who thought Kate was being rude for piking... bet you feel bad now...

What excuse have you used to miss a friend's wedding?

TAP on the image below to see all of Kate and William's wedding. 

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