Kate Middleton was apparently "left in tears" before Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's wedding.

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It’s been a busy week for anyone who believes that Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle hate each other, but buckle up because there’s MORE.

The Telegraph has reported that Kate was left in tears after Princess Charlotte’s bridesmaid dress fitting ahead of Meghan and Harry’s May wedding.

At the time Kate, 36, had just given birth to Prince Louis and was “feeling quite emotional”, according to an insider.

Naturally, the tabloids have jumped on this as another sign of a feud between the two duchesses, but we think it is important to point out that the reporting never said WHY Kate was in tears.

Could it be because her only daughter looked even cuter than usual in her bridesmaid outfit?

princess charlotte wedding
ADORABLE. Image: Getty.

Did she just watch a video of a dog reuniting with its owner for the first time in a while? (Those get me every time).

Or maybe she was just really bloody exhausted (because, newborn) and wishing she could be at home in bed?

There are a hundred different reasons this could've happened - and two women not getting along is just one of them.

There's been gossip about the state of Kate and Meghan's relationship since Harry and Meghan's relationship begun, but it has really ramped up this week after news broke that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex would be moving to Frogmore Cottage away from current neighbours Prince William and Kate

According to a Daily Mail source, the two women are "very different people" who "don't really get along", so the only reasonable explanation for Harry and Meghan's move is because Kate and Meghan are mortal enemies who can't stand the sight of each other.


Why is the story of two women hating each other the default setting? It might not sell tabloids, but it's far more likely that Meghan and Kate get along just fine.