Kate Middleton is in India, and her beloved wedge heels came along for the ride.

Anyone who’s been to India will tell you there are some essential pieces of clothing every traveller should have tucked away in their tattered Kathmandu backpack.

You know, the staples — a floor-length beaded gown, some key Alexander McQueen pieces, wedge heels, that kind of thing.

OK, so the reality for most visitors to India is closer to loose-fitting pants (printed with elephants, usually), floaty cotton blouses, scarves and comfy sandals. But not for the Duchess of Cambridge. Ohhhh no.

Will and Kate (or “WillKat”, as local media have apparently nicknamed them) are on tour in India this week, and our favourite royal was sure to pack some eye-popping designer outfits and, of course, those beloved wedge heels of hers.

Which she wore for a round of soccer and cricket, naturally:

Kate Middleton in India

Image: Getty

Her signature shoe is the "Corkswoon" by Stuart Weitzman, and it's become a staple for the Duchess over the years.

Kate's worn her wedges for just about every kind of Royal engagement (everything from a volleyball game to a visit to Manly Beach in Sydney), and most famously, for her first public appearance after baby George was born.


They're like her personal version of a trusted pair of Nikes.

A brief history of the Duchess of Cambridge in wedges. (Images: Getty)

Sure, those wedges look pretty comfy — at least, as comfy as you can expect a heeled shoe to be — and Kate seems happy enough to wear them for cricket/soccer/volleyball.

But just quietly, we reckon it's about time she joined the rest of us on the activewear bandwagon. Even high fashion activewear, if that's what it'll take (look, she was pictured in $426 trackies recently, it's bound to happen eventually).

Just imagine how her range of motion on the cricket pitch could have been improved were she in a pair of Stella McCartney x Adidas sneakers and Alexander Wang leggings. Just imagine.

Watch: On the topic of activewear, here are some of the MM Team's latest picks. (Post continues after video.)

Now, back to the rest of the Duchess' India wardrobe.

She opted for a red, paisley-patterned Alexander McQueen skirt suit while paying her respects to the victims of the 2008 terror attack at Mumbai's Taj Hotel.


Image: Getty

'WillKat' also attended a Bollywood-inspired Charity Gala, to which Kate wore a sapphire, floor-length gown by her favourite designer, Jenny Packham:

Kate Middleton in India

Image: Getty

Lovely. Just lovely.

But hey — we're sure the elephant-print pants will be making an appearance any day now.

What do you usually wear when you travel?